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Life Inside Out
Lyn Densem-Chambers
Living with cancer: A brave woman's journey...

Welcome to Indie Lindy Author Blog, Lyn.  Please tell us a little about yourself.  Also, what are you favorite pastimes?

Thank you for inviting me to join your blog, Linda.
I am a longtime communications professional who has practiced my love for language in a variety of ways throughout my life—from teaching English, French and Italian and serving as a public relations executive and consultant, to freelance writing for various publications, and, most recently, as the author of Life Inside Out, a book that chronicles my journey through a deadly form of cancer.

I also enjoy painting, traveling, and spending time with my husband and two dogs on our boat by the beach in Ventura, California.

Sounds fascinating and frightening, Lyn.  How could readers benefit from the experiences you write about in Life Inside Out?

This book explores my personal journey through a very deadly brain cancer, providing information and inspiration to anyone who deals with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. It is, most of all, a story of hope that focuses on the positive actions anyone can take to stay healthy and happy throughout the physical and emotional challenges of life.

I also have given presentations on the content of the book to groups as diverse as holistic health practitioners and senior citizen groups.

Practical and helpful, indeed.

Did you design the beautiful cover for your book?

I painted the cover picture, inspired by the work of a New Zealand artist whose style I admire, and a good friend who is a graphic designer helped me put it all together.

I have a dear author friend in New Zealand.  She wrote a fictional story about cancer, based on a true account. It's a small world!

What are your future writing plans?  Do you have a blog readers can follow?  If not, where can they connect with you?

I recently started a blog with material that may form the basis of a sequel to Life Inside Out (working title, Life Rightside Out).  In the blog, I describe my “Latest Learnings,” as I call them, about health, cancer, and the psychology of resilience, a topic of great interest to me particularly now, as I was recently diagnosed with a recurrence of the cancer (

I call my first blog entry “Elephant Strong,” after the animals I most admire and the traits we humans can learn from them.  I invite readers of this blog to also follow and contribute to mine as I explore this new chapter of my life and health.

I am simultaneously working on a historical novel based on the stranger than fiction, real-life story of my husband’s father in World War II.

I'm sorry to hear that your cancer has reoccurred.  It hasn't stopped you from being productive and positive, which are focal points of your book.  I read Life Inside Out and reveled in your encouraging and inspiring passages.

What advice can you give other nonfiction authors who would like to write a book?  Also, where did you publish Life Inside Out and why?

My best advice is to write on a topic you know and care about. If you write from the heart, the words will flow like water onto the page.  Secondly read and learn from other good authors in your genre.  Last but definitely not least, write frequently, and, if the words don’t come easily, try journaling in stream-of consciousness, without self-correcting.

As a first-time author, I published independently because I was pragmatic about my ability to capture the interest of an agent or big-time publishing house.  I chose Lulu because a friend had used this self-publishing house, but I will likely go with Amazon for the next book or two, also because of a recommendation from a friend (who happens to be the author of this blog.)

Agree with you entirely, Lyn.  If we write from the heart, we remain true to ourselves.

Where can readers find Life Inside Out?

Life Inside Out is available on all book Websites and by request in libraries and bookstores (Registered with Books in Print.)

Life Inside Out follows the author’s personal journey confronting the fears and challenges of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.  It is for all who are dealing with cancer and for those who love and want to help them.  It is also for those who want to cultivate healthy habits to help keep their immune systems strong against all disease.

"Elephant Strong"
Lyn Densem-Chambers, MA, APR, is a Denver writer and part-time artist who survived a very deadly form of brain cancer.  A former educator and international exchange executive, she hopes her story will inspire and inform people around the world who are dealing with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

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Lyn with her son, Ryan, who's a paramedic. This is the same helicopter that took her to the hospital ten years ago, when she was first diagnosed with brain cancer.

Lyn, it was a pleasure featuring you on Indie Lindy.  Thanks for sharing your courageous story with us!

Readers, comments and shares are always appreciated.


  1. I admire Lyn's strength. Having members of my family who had been diagnosed with brain cancer, I know the challenges that are faced. I wish her a lot of luck and blessings, and I will keep her in my prayers. Wonderful, insightful interview.