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Interview with Carole McKee
Author of Perfect
What inspired you to write Perfect?
"Perfect" is based on a true story. I was so moved by the actual characters and events that took place, that I knew at some point I had to write the story.  It was my first novel, and it won an award.  That was exciting, but the publishing company had such a high price on it, that it just wasn't selling. That's why I decided to republish "Perfect" and offer it at a more affordable price.
Good decision, and your cover is gorgeous!

Where is the story set?
The story takes place in three different places. Katrina grew up in Pittsburgh, Nathan grew up in Cleveland; and they met here in Florida, just a little farther South than where I live now.

Can you tell us a little about your protagonists?
Katrina was a miracle baby, and as she grew, it became obvious to everyone that she was gifted. She was beautiful, smart, and talented. She could sing, and dance, and her artwork was awesome. She was lucky to have a warm, loving, supportive family. She had two brothers who adored her and would go to great lengths to protect her.

Nathan was also a talented, gifted child. As a child he ate, slept, and breathed baseball. And he was an awesome player. His dream was to make it to the major leagues, and he did achieve that. He was the light in his parents’ life, but he had a brother who was just the opposite from him. His brother Steven created a lot of heartache in the family.

Even though Katrina and Nathan are the main characters, many of the characters with whom they interacted are quite memorable, especially Katrina’s two brothers and her best friend. Nathan’s best friend plays a major role in their lives as well.
A "family drama."  The best kind of story!

Does your book have an underlying theme?
Well, I guess you could say that. Maybe there is more than one, actually. The easy one to point out is that “true love is forever.” But another underlying theme might be that love and caring can be contagious. All of the love and care given to Katrina all of her growing up years made her the loving, caring, and giving person she became. 
Paying it forward from the heart...a "perfect" theme.
*   *   *
Katrina: Beautiful, bright and talented, she grew from a beautiful child into a beautiful woman. As the youngest in the family she grew up with two adoring, protective brothers. They, as well as everyone else recognized that she was special—perfect, actually. 
Nathan: A handsome replica of his father, he grew up to be exactly what his father had hoped for—the perfect son. He was the source of his parents’ pride. His brother was the opposite end of the spectrum. Suffering from mental problems, Steven’s actions cast a shadow over the family for much of Nathan’s childhood and adolescent years.

Katrina and Nathan: A wicked twist of fate brought them together, and they are perfect for each other. Their life is beautiful—perfect. Another wicked twist of fate tears them apart. Or does it?
*   *   *
Excerpt from Perfect 
They had just finished eating the delicious spaghetti dinner, and Nathan was tying up the trash bag to set outside, when someone knocked at the door.  Katrina was in the bathroom, so Nathan answered the door.
“Who the hell are you?”  Danny and Kathy were standing at the door.
“You must be Danny.”
“Yeah, I know who the hell I am, but that wasn’t my question.  Who….” Danny was cut off by Kathy’s shriek.  Danny followed Kathy’s line of vision and saw Katrina standing there, her face a mess.
“Kat, what happened?  Who did that to you?”  He turned on Nathan.  “Did you do that?  I’ll kill you!”  Katrina saw Danny’s hands ball up into fists.
“Danny, no!  Danny!  Stop!”  Katrina started crying.
“No, I didn’t do that.  I would never….”
“What the fuck happened to her?  Kat…somebody better start talking…..NOW!  What the fuck happened to her face?”  Danny was facing Nathan again, and shouting at him.
“Danny, stop….stop now, and listen!”  Katrina was on the verge of hysteria.  She fell into a chair at the table, and Kathy went to her and put an arm around her.
Nathan stared at Danny, put his hands up, palms down and started toward Katrina.  “You’re upsetting your sister, can’t you see that?”
“Yes, my sister…..I still haven’t gotten who you are….”
Nathan went to Katrina and stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders.  “I think you better tell him what happened to you.  He’ll find out eventually anyhow.”  He squeezed her shoulders gently, letting her know that he was there for her.
“Yes, I think somebody better tell me…whatever it is.”  Danny glared at Nathan.  “You better not have anything to do with it…”
“Danny, Nathan saved my life!”  Katrina took a tissue from Kathy and waited for Danny to calm down.  He stared at Nathan, mellowed a little, and sat down in front of Katrina.
 *   *   *
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Carole McKee is originally from Pittsburgh, but has resided in Florida since 2002. Most of her contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels take place in the Western Pennsylvania area, the place she will always call home. Carole is a passionate writer, making readers feel the emotions of her characters. One reader exclaimed, "Carole McKee's books help cleanse the tear ducts!" Her first novel, "Perfect" brought out so much emotion that she got phone calls from people who were in tears when they finished the book. Another reader says that she laughs and then she cries with every one of McKee's books.
Carole's writing career actually began in 1995 when she wrote a tribute to her beloved black Labrador Retriever when he passed away. The tribute was published in a veterinary magazine a few months after it was written. Although the stories were in her head, she didn't begin writing seriously until 2006 with her first novel, "Perfect." It was published in 2007. She entered "Perfect" into a contest and the book won an award, which was just the encouragement she needed to seriously pursue a career as a writer. “Perfect” has since been republished in 2015 with a new cover and an affordable price. Her second novel was “Choices.” Readers loved the characters in the book, so, using the same characters, she wrote “The Bushes are Red,” and then “The Full Nelson.” She finished the series with “Consequences.” "Choices" lead to "Consequences," eventually. In addition to these books, which are available in paperback and eBook formats, Carole also published these four eBooks:
Kisses from the Heart” “Second Chances”Maddie’s Garden” and “Going Home.”
And now the trilogy “Testosterone Poisoning,” available in paperback and eBook format.
Another book, "Angelface” is in the works. More on that later.
*   *   *
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