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Nonfiction Friday
An interview with Mary A. Kardes...

Welcome to Indie Lindy, Mary.  It’s a pleasure to feature you as a guest author on my blog.  Please tell us a little about yourself.  Also, what are your favorite pastimes?

I was born in Chicago and have spent most of my life in the Metro-Chicago area.  I am married 39 years, have a beautiful daughter, and an incredibly smart and fun grandson.  I foster pets for the rescue group, Second Chance 4 Pets Network which is a great organization linked to Pet  I worked at the University of Chicago before I had to resign earlier this year to care for my husband who has been bravely battling severe neurological and autoimmune diseases for the past 13 years.  I am a Certified Research Administrator and was fortunate enough to have worked for a world-renowned virologist and with many foreign researchers who have become cherished friends.  Exposure to such diverse cultures provided a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas about everything from national governments to regional religions, politics, sports, and customs. 

Reading is my favorite pastime and spending time with family and friends is very important to me.  Traveling the U.S. has always been my passion though my travels have been curtailed greatly the past few years due to my husband's health issues.  Historical treasures and natural monuments dot this country from coast to coast.  Limitless points of interest, countless things to do, and a diverse population of people all contribute to a unique and unparalleled education.  A single lifetime is not adequate to experience all this nation has to offer.

What inspired you to write your book, America: Our Sacred Honor ?

The turning point in my life was September 11, 2001 as I watched the twin towers fall, the Pentagon attacked, and saw the smoldering pit in Pennsylvania created by the downing of Flight 93. The sheer terror of the victims and the profound sadness of their surviving relatives and friends are forever etched in my mind.  Subsequent celebrations by Muslims in the Middle East and even right here in the U.S. as well as some Americans saying that it was our foreign policy and our own fault that we were attacked prompted me to take a hard look at America and its place in the world.  I asked myself, "Why weren't there any warnings?" That question initiated my quest for answers, which led me on a research expedition examining socio-economic, political and religious America, Islam and the Middle East, the United Nations, and the "global community."  I discovered that there were warnings, numerous warnings from contemporary sources, ancestors, and from our very own history.  

The book focuses on our federal government and the debate to "define" the Constitution in our modern world.  It addresses issues such as immigration, poverty, welfare, guaranteed freedoms, Islam's role in America, our military, and the dreaded government agencies.  

How long did it take you to research and write the book?

My research began nearly 14 years ago and it will be a never-ending endeavor since the state of the nation and of the world for that matter is fluid.  I have read volumes of news articles and interviews.   I can't count the number of books I have read, historical documentaries I have watched, people I have talked to and notes I have taken.   I visited sites mentioned in the book. I have been to Washington, D.C. numerous times since I never tire of the monuments, museums, archives, and architecture.  I was there recently to attend the Judicial Watch Summit on political corruption, which was fascinating.  In the spirit of discovery, I have attended Heritage Foundation events in Chicago, a 10,000 person Tea Party rally in Illinois, an "Occupy DC" protest in action, and "School Choice" discussions and events just to name a few.   It took a long 5 years to write America: Our Sacred Honor due to intermittent periods of inactivity to focus on my husband's health problems.  

Who is your intended audience?

A sister-in-law says I have a "conservative" slant.  I can't argue that point but I do know that some severe problems threaten our nation; problems that must be addressed by all Americans regardless of political party, political-leaning, race, religion, and gender.  The U.S. Constitution holds many of the answers. Writings and media encapsulated thoughts including council from our Founders and ancestors and extensively documented 20th century global events all serve as warnings that should not be ignored.

Do you have any new writing projects on the horizon?

Since I have spoken with so many women of different races and cultures during my years at the University of Chicago, I am interested in developing a women's forum on American issues.  Different races, education, political ideologies, cultures, and religions shape individual attitudes, expectations and priorities.  I am confident that such a diverse group of women: mothers, daughters, grandmothers, native-born Americans, and immigrants can successfully share experiences, views, priorities, and solutions.  Major changes have come about throughout history because of the words and actions of strong "common" women citizens.  We shall see where that leads.

Where can readers find America: Our Sacred Honor?

Books are available in hard copy, soft copy and eBook from my website,, and

America is “exceptional.”  It is unlike any country in history.  Its success, prosperity, growth, standard of living, and its spiritual soul would not have been possible anywhere else or with any other people.
Unfortunately, we have become paralyzed by political correctness.  We must stand up and defend our rights and the rights of our fellow countrymen.  We have squandered our freedoms and taken for granted the gifts of this nation.  We owe our children a strong vibrant nation, not the shadow of liberty we walk in now.
We need to unite under the banner of our own Constitution and work together to restore the dignity and strength of America.  Since our government in Washington DC cannot or will not do it, it is the duty of all Americans to defend our sacred gifts of independence and freedom.  We are Americans and it is our sacred honor.

Author Bio
Mary A. Kardes holds a Master's Degree in United States History and is a dedicated advocate for historic truth.  Mary is from Chicago and enjoys traveling the U.S.A.  She firmly believes you need to experience America to know America.
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