Friday, February 16, 2018

Bart of My Heart
A Love Letter to My Dog
Bart Williams
10/06/2002 - 01/05/2018

Dear Bart,

In the six weeks since you left us, Dad and I have struggled to adjust to life without you—a challenge after sharing fifteen years together.  We see you everywhere in the house and the yard, listen for you…miss your warm body in our bed every night.  We can’t drive down the street without remembering the countless times we walked you; we may never go to the park again.  We’re lonely and empty, but at the same time, full of gratitude.  You brought us so much happiness and enriched our lives.  How could any pet parents ask for more?

We have a memorial for you on the hearth, where you used to lie on your bed in front of the fireplace.  Your photo pillow is surrounded by your favorite toys.  We have three candles, one for each of us, which we light every morning and evening.  Your pictures greet us as we move from room to room, carrying your memory with us.  You’re never more than a thought away.

You were a beautiful dog, Bart, in heart, mind, and spirit.  You showed kindness to other animals and to children—not a mean bark in your body.  When we adopted you at eleven weeks old, your death seemed so far off.  You lived longer than we expected—dared to hope—and we cared for you the best we could during your senior years.  It was no sacrifice on our part.  You were our fur baby, a member of the family, and we loved you.  You loved us, too, the way no one else could: unconditionally.

When Dad and I talk about you, we smile through our tears.  The road of grief stretches endlessly before us, but we know we will recover from our pain; your love will heal us.  You will remain in our hearts forever, because love never dies.  That’s our one true comfort in your absence.  You will always be with us, Bart.  Always.

All our love,
Mama Linda & Daddy Tim

*     *     *
Thanks for sharing our memories of Bart.  If you've lost a beloved fur baby, please feel free to leave a comment.  Have you written a letter to your pet?  What ways have you found to cope with your loss?