Sunday, June 12, 2016

Remembering Lyn...
Inspirational writer, gifted artist,
and treasured friend.
May 8, 1947 - May 15, 2016

On Saturday, June 11, family and friends gathered from far and wide to celebrate Lyn Densem-Chamber's life.  Among us were her husband, Craig, and her son, Ryan.  Lyn's heart was her home, the place where she lived and died--and that's where we held the event. We reminisced, we laughed, and we cried.  The warm, sunny day glowed with her presence.

During Lyn's ten-year battle with brain cancer, Warrior Woman never gave up.  She remained positive and optimistic.  Seldom did she feel sorry for herself or complain, despite the brutal surgeries and treatment she underwent.  Even on the brink of death, her dazzling smile never left her face. Lyn once told me I was "her angel," but her faith outshone mine.  She radiated love.

Lyn possessed a wry sense of humor.  When I visited her at the rehab center, she sighed and said, "I'm so bored."  Being me, I started dancing and singing "Let me entertain you..." beside her bed.  She cocked one eye at me and quipped, "Or not."  I had a good laugh.

Lyn's first surgery was during Thanksgiving week, 2005.  Shortly afterward, she began chemo and radiation.  Lyn asked me to go to a costume shop with her.  What did she do? Pick out a dashing mustache!  Lyn was determined to have hair, even if it were only on her upper lip.  Later, she did buy some attractive wigs.

The cancer went into remission for years before the tumor reared its ugly head again. Lyn's email to everyone? "It's baaack!" While our hearts sank, hers buoyed.  "Don't worry about me.  I'll be fine." And damn, if she didn't beat back the disease again. The third time the cancer returned--last May--the tumor proved inoperable.  She told us: "I hope I can do something, because I'm not ready to give up the fight yet."  And she didn't.  Her courage and her resolve stayed strong.  She endured for another year.
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The Writer...
Lyn chronicles her journey through cancer in Life Inside Out. Informative and inspirational, I recommend the book to anyone suffering from a serious illness. Available in paperback - $12.95.

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Lyn was a fascinating person in many respects.  Here is a link to her past interview on Indie Lindy:
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The artist...

To see more of Lyn's beautiful artwork, please visit her page on Fine Art America:
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Thanks for allowing me to share some of my memories of Lyn.  Even though most of you didn't know her, I hope that these snippets provide you with a sense of the kind of person Lyn was--the kind of person anyone would want to know.  To know Lyn was to love her.

Goodbye, my treasured friend.  I'll miss you, until we meet again...

Love you always,
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