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Testosterone Poisoning by Carole McKee

NEW RELEASE by Carole McKee
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Geri G. Taylor

Interview with Geri G. Taylor
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kisses from the Heart by Carole McKee

Excerpt - Kisses from the Heart
by Carole McKee

Mindi Adams is an independent young woman who is sharp witted with a sharp tongue to match. On the night of the terrible storm, when thunder shook the earth, lightning slashed the sky, and the wind howled like a Banshee, a prison bus overturned, allowing twelve prisoners to escape. One of them is in Mindi's house! When Mindi comes face to face with a man who has been incarcerated for murder, her life changes forever.


Mindi felt the hairs on the nape of her neck stand up as soon as she walked into the room.  She stopped just as the arms came out of the dark and grabbed her, holding her in a vice-like grip.  The impact of his body slammed her body onto her bed, as one hand clamped down over her mouth.  She was being held with her back up against a hard, wet, smelly body.  She felt her stomach lurch downward and then upward as the rest of her insides crumbled and turned to liquid.  She couldn’t breathe and she gulped for air, but the hand over her mouth was obstructing her air passage.  The pounding of her heart was echoing in her ears.  She never felt terror like this!  Struggling was of no use, so she just lay there limp, waiting—expecting to be raped, murdered, or both.  Tears were falling from the corners of her eyes onto the pillow.  ‘What is he waiting for?  Just get it over with!’  Her mind silently screamed as a sob caught in her throat.  He began to speak to her in very low tones.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered into her ear. “Do you understand?” Mindi nodded. “Now….I’m wet, cold, dirty, tired, hungry, and not in the best of moods.  Get the picture?” Again, Mindi nodded.
“Is there anybody else in the house besides you?” Mindi shook her head in reply. “You’re telling me the truth?” Mindi nodded again.
“If I take my hand off of your mouth will you scream?” Mindi shook her head vigorously. “If you do, I’ll have to silence you. You understand that, right?” Mindi nodded and stifled another sob.
“Okay….I’m going to take my hand away.  Do. Not. Scream.”
Slowly, the hand came away from her mouth and she gulped in air.  Her body was trembling with fear as she remained as still as she could.
“Okay….that’s good.  Now….like I said….I don’t want to hurt you.  I do have a gun but I don’t want to have to use it. I just need a place to hole up in while I decide what I’m going to do.  I need a shower, and some food.  Can you help me out with that?”
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Carole McKee is originally from Pittsburgh, but has resided in Florida since 2002. Most of her books take place in the Western Pennsylvania area, the place she will always call home. 

Carole is a passionate writer, making readers feel the emotions of her characters. One reader exclaimed, "Carole McKee's books help cleanse the tear ducts!" Her first novel, "Perfect" brought out so much emotion that she got phone calls from people who were in tears when they finished the book. Another reader says that she laughs and then she cries with every one of McKee's books. 

Carole's writing career actually began in 1995 when she wrote a tribute to her beloved black Labrador Retriever when he passed away. The tribute was published in a veterinary magazine a few months after it was written. Although the stories were in her head, she didn't begin writing seriously until 2006 when she began writing "Perfect." It was published in 2007. She entered "Perfect" in a contest and it won an 'honorable mention' which was just the encouragement she needed to seriously pursue a career as a writer. 

The first of the "Choices" series was published in 2008. Readers didn't want that series to end, so because of many readers asking for more of those same characters, she wrote "Consequences," the fourth and last of the series. It was published in the Spring of 2013. It was time to end the series. "Choices" lead to "Consequences," eventually. In addition to these books, available in paperback and eBook formats,Carole also publishes eBooks.

Carole's days are spent taking care of her two cats, walking along the beach, answering emails, writing on her blogs, and writing more books. Much of her time is focused on writing.

A note from Carole McKee: "I love to write and I will continue to write until my fingers fall off--God forbid."

*   *   *