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The Twisted Laird by Cherime MacFarlane

MacGrough Clan Series - The Twisted Laird
by Cherime MacFarlane

Edan Campbell MacGrough is the only MacGrough male to return home from Culloden. They must leave their beloved glen. His half-brother sent him home to care for the women and children who are left. Daracha is happy to see her man return, but others are not so fortunate. He must hide behind his infirmity, a thing he detests. How will they survive in Glasgow? Aili Lara, wife of Birk MacGrough, has seen Edan's story by paranormal means and is telling the tale to the MacGrough's of 2015.
*  *  *

* * * * * A good story that comes alive off the pages…

December 31, 2014
I received an advanced copy of The Twisted Laird for a fair and honest review. This book is well worth the read. Partially crippled Edan becomes laird to the greatly diminished MacGrough clan after Culloden. There are no men left but him and it is his responsibility to care for the women and children remaining in order for the clan to continue. It is a well written story of a difficult time. I easily became the silent viewer inside the story and at one point had to set the book aside as I sobbed when yet another member of the tiny clan fell to fate. The series is good and this book is awesome.

About the author...

Although born in New Orleans, I am proud to call myself an Alaskan. I have lived here since 1977. I have seen -40 degrees, hauled water, made bear bacon and I live in a cabin. I have used a fishwheel to catch salmon coming up the Copper River. I was my second husband's chief mechanic's helper and roadie. I have cut firewood on shares. I worked as a cocktail waitress during pipeline days in a small lodge on the Richardson Highway.

My second husband, a Scot from Glasgow, was the love of my life. When I write Scots dialect, I personally experienced hearing it from my in laws. When my husband got on the phone to Scotland, after 5 seconds I could barely understand a word. 

We moved to Wasilla to get warm. It barely drops past -25 degrees here in the winter. I became a paralegal and worked for over 26 years for the same firm.

Alaska is my home. I never thought I would love is so much, I never want to leave. The beauty of Alaska is a draw I cannot resist. I love the people and the history. I have been captured by a place I came to under duress. Life does play some interesting tricks on one. My love and I were not apart more than 24 hours for 20 plus years. I never wanted to be anywhere but with him. He was a man to run the river with and was my biggest fan. 

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Old Town Nights, Book 1, Blood & Company

Old Town Nights...
A different kind of vampire romance.
Ambrose & Abby's love story...

Please click on  to read a small excerpt from the novel on Storycrafters, Ink.  You may leave comments or share on my Indie Lindy Blog.  Thank you!

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Following His Heart by Donna Fasano

New Release: Following His Heart
By Donna Fasano

Sara Carson is a 30-something widow with a busy life. Two fun-loving best friends, a caring mom who needs her, and a thriving sweet shop. What more could a woman want? But when the ancient plumbing in her shop springs a leak and a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger rushes to her rescue, hilarity unfolds--and Sara quickly sees exactly what she's been missing.

Something most peculiar draws Landon Richards to Ocean City, Maryland--and to the lovely Sara. This woman touches his heart like no other, and the two of them explore the heady attraction that pulses between them. But haunting dreams have a way of encroaching on reality, and the strange phenomenon that brings these two together will also threaten to tear them apart.

This is the first book in the Ocean City Boardwalk Series, where life for three enterprising women, Sara, Heather, and Cathy, isn't just fun in the sun--love is waiting on those sandy shores!

E-book - $3.99 / Paperback - $9.49 on Amazon!

*   *   *
About the author...

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR DONNA FASANO is a three-time winner of the HOLT Medallion, a CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award winner for Best Single Title, a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award finalist, a Golden Heart finalist, and a two-time winner of Best Romance of the Year given by BigAl's Books & Pals Review Blog. Her books have sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide and have been published in two dozen languages. Her books have made the Kindle Top 100 Paid List numerous times, climbing as high as #5.

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What others are saying about Donna's books:

"...complex, funny, and realistic..." ~Wilmington News Journal


"Could not help myself from reading excerpts to my husband and friends. This book is well written, the characters are real, everyday folks. It is very easy to identify with them. Donna Fasano is a talented author." ~Elizabeth M. Caldwell on Amazon 

"...a fast paced riotous look at family life today. Donna Fasano is right on target!" ~Donna Zapf,

*** Donna is an esteemed member of eNovel Authors at Work.

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Treasured Moments Short-story Anthology

Crazy Lady Authors presents...Treasured Moments, 14 short stories for only $0.99 on Amazon!

What is family?  Life, love, laughter, and tears...

A Moment in Time - Kelly Cozzone 
Alexa Wright is a happily married mother. Her son, Eric, was born in a previous marriage and he struggles with his place in both families. She has vowed to make the best decision for her son. Eric wants to live with his dad. How can she possibly figure out what the right decision is? 

Haunted Raine - R.E. Hargrave 
Lorraine Morrissey let life pass her by. Her wake up call comes when she realizes that her husband is rarely home, and she's filling her days with trivial tasks. A crazy idea to save her marriage leads to a summer vacation unlike any she's ever taken; one that involves buying a haunted house. 

Coming Home - Teri Riggs 

Abby, a young Navy SEAL's wife, must learn to cope after her husband dies in the line of duty. Hoping to learn how her husband spent his final days, she heads to Bethesda to sit with her husband's best friend, a soldier who remains in a coma caused by the same IED blast that killed her husband. But can anything mend Abby's broken heart? 

15 W. Gibson - Aubree Lane 
Knowing Uncle Sam is about to come knocking, Jimmy Franks enlists in the Navy. Leaving Suzy is the hardest thing he's ever had to do.
Left alone to deal with their feuding families, Suzy Franks is heartbroken when Jimmy ships out. Her husband's letters of love brings comfort, but 15 W. Gibson is a lonely place without him. 

The Agent - Samantha Jacobey 
An author of dark tales is looking for someone to represent her. An agent who thinks all writers are the same wants the job. Will one lunch date be enough to convince him that she's different, or will her clouded past continue to overshadow her future? 

The Bench - Nikki Lynn Barrett 
Ten years ago, Neil spent a summer with his grandparents when he couldn't deal with problems at home. That one summer led him to his first love, Amber, until a family crisis pulled him away. Now he's back in town and face to face with the woman he never could forget. 

Summer Song - Linda Lee Williams 
June Gorman might be imprisoned in a nursing home, but her mind roams free. In her private world, memories and melodies go hand in hand. Every day she embarks on a musical journey through her life, one filled with laughter, love, pain, and tears ... her summer song. 

Crazy Love - Jayne Hyatt 

Will Meg be forced to resort to using the crazy family tradition, which she has spent most of her life avoiding, in order to win the man of her dreams? 

The Treasured Legacy - Holly Barbo 

Leone uses the last of her strength to share important family history with her only relative: her grandson David. Despite her final wish not to sell the family heirlooms, David and his wife, Anne, look into it because of their desperate need for money. But the pieces have secrets and the young couple finds themselves in unexpected danger. 

Ghost Connection: Lost - Jami Brumfield 
Ghost Connection is a series centered around Cassandra O'Grady and her unwanted ability to see spirits. In episode one, Cassie and her ghostly best friend, Abel, help a girl save her family from a jealous boyfriend. 

Poppy - Cherime MacFarlane 

A teenage girl learns that the father she adores is not her real father. From her friend's dad, Emma Kay learns her Poppy won her and her mother on the turn of a card. Wrecking her mother's car does not help. 

Camael's Gift - Michele E. Gwynn 

In the heavenly realms, conflict and war are as routine as escorting souls to the other side. For Camael, his routine has just been disrupted as he finds himself drawn to a human woman he encounters while comforting her dying child. 

Life Storms - Terri Hubbard Carle 

Throughout life, you face many types of storms. Learning to trust, believe, have faith and stand strong, will help Carley and her family, as well as Carley and Chad grow closer and stronger. 

The Tree House - J.B. Yarbrough 

The day her brother is born, Izzy hears the words Down Syndrome for the first time. Frightened, she runs to the safety of her tree house.

*  *  *
Special thanks to Robert Barrett for editing and formatting our short-story anthology.

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Tropical Nightmares by Kelly Cozzone

Tropical Nightmares
New release by Kelly Cozzone

Surviving numerous attempts on their lives including the explosion that rocked Tropical Dreams, David Murphy and Tiana Alexander started to rebuild their lives. Living on the beautiful and tranquil island of St. Lucia, they tried not to let the ugliness of Robert Dubose invade every aspect of their lives. They knew he was coming and wouldn't stop until someone was dead. 

Robert Dubose planned every second of his revenge against David and Tiana down to the littlest detail. This time he was leaving nothing to chance. Bringing a partner in on the plan almost guarantees his success. 

Can David and Tiana once again defeat Dubose or will he finally get his revenge? Will Dubose and his hidden partner finally succeed in killing them? Can David forgive himself for failing Tiana or will their love be another casualty? 

Book One: only .99 on Amazon

Tropical Dreams is a a tale of love, murder and conspiracy. Can Tiana Alexander overcome her past to learn to love again? Can David Murphy let go of the demons who haunt him. Can they face the future together or will life finally take its toll and their lives?

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New England Nights, Book 3, Blood & Company

"All God's angels come to us disguised."
Geoff & Norah's story...
 All is not what it seems to be on the eastern seaboard...

Abandoned late at night, Norah Sheridan shows up on Geoff Hammond's doorstep, leaving him no choice but to take her in.  Attracted to Norah, Geoff risks breaking every promise he's made to his dying mother.  Will Norah care that the handsome, renowned painter and his other artistic friends are vampire-human hybrids, pursuing their talents in Bridgeport, Connecticut?  Or will she fall in love with him despite herself?
New England Nights, Book 3 of the Blood & Company Series
***FREE with Kindle Unlimited / $1.99
Other books in the series:
Old Town Nights (Book 1) $0.99
Sisters of the Night (Book 2) $1.99
For more information, please visit my Amazon author page:

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A Masterpiece Unraveled by Nikki Lynn Barrett

A Masterpiece Unraveled
by Nikki Lynn Barrett

As love blossoms, twenty year old secrets threaten it all...

Becca and Hunter have always tried to make sense of a tragedy, but they never fully asked why. Why were they on the same plane? Where were they going or coming from? Recent events force them to find out everything they can about the plane crash and the events that led them there.

Becca's always been strong. She's always found a safety net in Hunter, the man who saved her as a child and always stuck by her, giving her reason to go on when no one else gave her a chance. Now she fights to keep her strength going, but her fears begin to get the better of her. The facade she tries to hold up threatens to crack.

Hunter is learning to fight his demons and put them to rest, but he can't help but worry about Becca and the future they've just begun to build. She's become the withdrawn person he'd been for the past few years and he doesn't know how to help, unless he finds the answers they both are desperate to know.

They've always battled every storm together, but a new storm could sweep in and blow the foundation right out from under them...

The second installment of the Masterpiece trilogy is full of twists, turns, and secrets that come unburied... 

Barnes & Nobel:

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Tahoe Blues by Aubree Lane

Tahoe Blues by Aubree Lane
This new release and bestselling romantic suspense will only be 99 cents for a couple of more days. Get in on this great deal while you can.

In addition, if you are interested in reading and reviewing Tahoe Blues, I would be happy to gift you a kindle copy. Thank you for your consideration.

Aubree Lane

About the book...

When Cara Lee Greene finds that the glitz and glitter of casino life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, she divorces the Lake’s self-proclaimed King of Tahoe, and tries to separate herself from the rich and powerful Alexander family. 

In her quest for a new life, Cara is able to reconnect with some old friends. She finds a new home, a new love and a new piece of jewelry around her ankle. Under house arrest and accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Cara must rely on a funky group of misfits to uncover the truth and set her free. 

Believing himself above society’s morays, Duncan Alexander doesn’t know what he has until his beautiful college professor wife walks in and finds him in bed with another woman. Losing Cara is not an option and Duncan will do anything to get her back.
With a family whose wealth was built on profiteering during the Prohibition years, Duncan is not above doing what he deems necessary to retrieve his queen. His family sits on the side-lines. They have given Duncan free reign, but in the end will Duncan be able to retain his throne? 
*   *   *

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Terry Prachett

"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." -- Terry Prachett
How do you revise your manuscripts?  Here are a few methods I use.  Please share yours!
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Elsewhere on Choosy Bookworm

Elsewhere... on Choosy Bookworm
Read & Review: First 25 respondents receive the novel free!
  A great program for authors and writers...
  Check out my book and many others.  Sign up today!

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Karen England

Guest Author - Karen England
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Regina M. Joseph

Guest Author - Regina M. Joseph
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Andrea Barbosa

Guest Author - Andrea Barbosa
"Appreciating every moment..."
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Elle Klass

Guest Author - Elle Klass
Getting to know you...Interview
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Margot Hawk

Guest Author Interview - Margot Hawk
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Blog Hop!

Come one, come the Author Blog Hop!
Who are you?  What do you write?  Let us know!
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Aubree Lane

Guest Author - Aubree Lane
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Grace Augustine

Guest Author Interview - Grace Augustine
Bittersweet and Mystic Capers
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Sisters of the Night, Book 2, Blood & Company

Not your usual "sisters..."

Emaline Hoffbrau…beautiful and beguiling, but will Garrett Thompson—a regular man—break this vulnerable vampire’s heart?

Juliana Slater Browning…glamorous and alluring, but will this arrogant vampire end up losing the only man she’s ever loved—her husband, Chad?

Gretchen Eberhardt…lovely and enchanting, but will this powerful vampire be able to hang on to Bertram Fulbright—her charming but fickle vampire lover?

Three “sisters,” three love stories…Will they have a happily ever after?
*  *  *

This is the second novel in my Blood & Company Series.  Book One, Old Town Nights, is .99.  Sisters is $1.99.
  Read both paranormal romances for only $2.98!
As always, I welcome your feedback.  Comments may be left on this site.
Linda Lee Williams - Author

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Sisters' teaser: Juliana

Sisters of the Night - Teaser 3
Meet Juliana Slater Browning...
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Meet the "sisters"

Meet the Sisters...
Emaline, Juliana, & Gretchen
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