Saturday, July 20, 2013

OLD TOWN NIGHTS...Imagined, or Real?

Old Town Nights
Book One: "Blood & Company"


Abby Lawrence & Ambrose Slater
in a special love story, all their own...

What would you do if the only man you'd ever loved turned out to be a genuine, modern-day vampire?

The idea for Old Town Nights grew out of a spooky, windy evening spent in Lincoln Park a few days before Halloween.  My husband and I had gone to a costume party--he, as a vampire, and I as his "unsuspecting victim."  As we strolled the darkened streets, heading for our friends' apartment, we saw a lot of "vampires" out and about...and it struck me: What if some of these other costumed people were the "real deal?"

Then I started thinking: What if they lived and worked among us, seemingly ordinary, normal people--but they weren't.  What would they do?  How would they try to "blend in?" How could they manage to keep their dangerous secret from the rest of us?

When I answered those questions, my characters were born--and the first novel spawned three more after that.  In the last book, a tragic mystery from the first book is solved...and the Slaters' lives are forever altered.

It's my hope that readers will want to make this journey with the Slaters and the other cast of characters from all four novels. Each book presents different love stories, fraught with the usual relationship problems--except, of course, with a bit more "bite."

*   *   *